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James Coleman

“I’ll always have that Disney experience to draw from, and to this day, it makes my work unique.”
James Coleman Artist at Wyland Galleries of the Florida Keys

James Coleman began his art career painting background scenes and art directing for some of Walt Disney’s most beloved films – The Little MermaidBeauty and the BeastThe Fox and the HoundMickey’s Christmas Carol and more. A master of color, light and design, James Coleman is now one of the most collected and sought-after artists around the world. His art illuminates the world with vibrant colors, gentle moods, powerful design and exquisite detail. James is talented across many mediums and works in oil, watercolor, gouache pastel and metal leafing. His work is impressionistic and luminous and his art intrigues the eyes and touches the heart. His paintings, found in many fine, personal and corporate collections, are warm, inviting and unique.

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The Process

Mixed Media leafed works (Unique Tonalities):

A unique tonality is a hand created process created by James Coleman over 20 years ago and has been perfected with each New Year. The artwork process begins with the image selection of his best, favorite or even pieces of artwork that can be reimagined into this amazing process. James starts by designing the size, image and has his studio prepare the canvas for the hand work that makes it unique. The first layer received is a hand painted texture to build up the artwork. Once dried it will have a glue applied that will allow for the unique selection of metal to be applied. Using gold, copper, silver, and variegated precious metals each piece is uniquely hand applied. Once it has had time to cure the real painting process takes place the work is hand painted extensively over the entire canvas to create what James calls the “Window” into his painting. Each unique tonality is sealed and archived for the future. No two are ever the same!

DMI (Dimensional Modern Impressionism):

This is a unique process created by James Coleman to enhance the way we look at artwork. Drawing on his years at Disney and the original Multi plane process the DMI`s give us a modern approach to traditional impressionism. Each work starts with an impression on aircraft grade aluminum and then is followed by a hand painting. A clear archival resin is applied and let cure in our clean rooms for a few days. Then a second hand painting is applied to give it a new level of depth. Then a second layer of archival resin is applied and let dry in our clean room. After this step the painting could be hand signed but in some cases there may be two or event three more layers depending on the effect the artist is looking for!

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